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The project


SeatrackBox is the solution that guarantees maritime safety of all vessels, and helps combat the pollution of our oceans. A very necessary ambition in the face of the current situation.


container at sea! In fact, up to 10,000 enter the sea every year. Fortunately, human life is not at stake. However: the risk of collision with a ship is one of the major hazards of this type of incident.

In addition to the disadvantages for navigation, fishing, and the environment, these UFO (unidentified FLOATING objects) represent an exorbitant cost for State services, shipowners and insurance companies, in particular because their location is extremely difficult to ascertain.

The SeatrackBox concept

We designed a container management system to track containers in real time... and not just when they’re on and or by the coast.


With SeatrackBox, we offer a vastly superior service with this system, because our customers will know the exact position of goods that have fallen into the water, whether they are floating, in midwater or at the bottom of the sea.

SeatrackBox is the solution for recovering containers lost at sea.

The benefits of the SeatrackBox


Universal communication SOLUTION


TRACEABILITY of any type of object on the high seas